Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to dress according to different body types!

Many People associate fashion with size whereas it is all about proportions. The first and the most important fashion rule is to know your body shape and dress accordingly. You can swear by this rule and look flattering irrespective of your size once you start following this rule. Read on and know the art of dressing up according to your body type:

1.     For the hourglass/Pear: You are a Pear/hourglass shape if you have Big hips, narrow waist, upper body is very small, lower body is large.Seems like you?? Then read on:
  • You should opt for Flared bottoms as they can make your hips look narrow. This balances your body and takes attention away from your hips.
  • Avoid baggy style, drop crotch styles, pleated denims as these may add weight around the hip areas.
  • Avoid Bling, sparkles or any sort of embellishments on the front and back pockets of the denims, this will only draw attention to problem areas.
  • Avoid wearing wear tank tops, spaghetti and tight t-shirts just because you have a thin upper body. This will only make your lower body look hugely dis-proportionate. Go for short sleeved shirts, one shoulder blouses and tops, ruffles shirts and tops instead.
  • You should try to bring attention to the top half of your body rather than the problem areas.

2.   Apple:  You are apple shaped if you have Narrow hips, thick waist and upper body is bigger than the lower body. Seems like you?? Then read on:

  • Cover the tummy fat with high-waisted jeans that rest just above the navel, NOT right below the chest. An extra wide waistband on the jeans helps control the tummy fat.
  • If you want your hips to look less narrow then you can opt for low rise jeans that defines the hips but make sure your love handles are not popping out. If you're a toned apple body then this is perfect for you.
  • Pleated styles, baggy styles, boyfriend jeans are perfect for you because this let you balance your wider upper body with your narrower lower body.
  • Embellished pockets can also give the appearance of a wider waist if you want to stick to high waist styles.
  •  The t-shirt and jeans combination is not for you. Wear blouse and tunic style tops.

3. Banana:  Overall skinny body with no real definition for the waist. Seems like you?? Then read on:
  • The idea is to create a shapely waist so tie styles on the waist, belted jeans are great for you.
  • Harem styles, drop crotch styles, Jodhpuris you can experiment with them all.
  • Use voluminous materials on the top - sequins, tops with a shine, crepes, silks and satins.
  • Flowing long tunics with a thin belt on the waist, wrap blouses and shirts are great for your body type.
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