Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monsoon Must Haves !

The monsoon is going to hit us soon, it's going to be one heckuva rainy season this year! So whether you like it or not, you're going to deal with dripping wet hair, mucky denims, and soaked-to-the-skin socks for the next few months.

Inconvenient it can be, but the monsoon also brings with it fresh roasted bhuttas, chai time with bhajias, and romantic walks with your lover in the rain - so all is definitely not lost!
Well... since the rains are here to stay, why not make the most of the wet season? Here is a list of our Top 7 Monsoon Must-Haves that will help you to breeze through the coming months and make a splash of the good kind!

1. Capris - It's time to put away those bulky jeans and bring out your capris and cargoes. Not only do they make a cool fashion statement, but will also help you to deal with the endless puddles on the road without getting your bottoms wet.

2. Colorful T-Shirts - Tees in bold colors such as red, yellow, green, and even pink are all the rage this season. Avoid white unless you want to do a full monty with your clothes on! Witty slogans, funky designs, and humorous lettering on the tees are all in.

3. Waterproof Makeup - The fresh clean no makeup look is great for the monsoons, but if you must wear eye shadow, mascara, or liner, make sure it is the waterproof variety. And as far as colors are concerned, bright blue, pink, and even purple are the colors for this monsoon.

4. Chunky Jewelry - During the rains, metallic jewellery looks very dull and is also a pain to maintain. Instead, go for chunky bead necklaces, bracelets, and fun earrings. Add some color with bright hair bands.


5. Filp Flops/ Sandals - Ladies, put away your high heels and stilettos.The only way you're going to get through the monsoons is to wear open toed sandals & flat chappals.

6. Jelly Bags - Cloth and leather purses are definitely not rain friendly. Instead, big plastic totes and large colorful purses in attractive colors are great for the rainy season. Transparent carry-alls are also a chic option for books, files and papers.


7. Colorful Umbrellas - Get rid of your dull black umbrella and opt for a colourful one instead. Patterned umbrellas also look great but stay away from kiddish designs.

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