Friday, December 5, 2014

8 Fashion habits ruining your style!

Think you are fashionable? Think again! You may look fabulous, but are your style choices worth the pain and damage to your health? Today we’ll talk about long-held habits you refuse to break, fashion clich├ęs you still believe are true, and small things you’re avoiding—or doing—that can wreak havoc on your personal style.

You buy the same size for all clothes:

Sizing can vary tremendously according to store, brand, and item.
Don’t sweat the number—pay attention to how things look on your body instead.

You think tall women shouldn’t wear heels:

This mandate isn’t only silly, but a little sexist, too. Stemming from a whole bunch of antiquated notions including abundant height isn’t feminine, and a woman shouldn’t draw extra attention to herself, this rule is one no woman should ever follow if they don’t want to.

You think sweatshirts are strictly casual wear:

Once strictly for athletes, gym-goers, and errand-runners, the humble sweatshirt has risen to become a very stylish staple.

You think jeans should be washed as much as your other clothing:

Raw denim can take up to six months to break in and shouldn’t be washed until then.Why? Jeans really do conform to our bodies, and when you wash them, most of the shape is lost. To zap odors, hang them in the bathroom while you’re showering or freeze them in a plastic bag for a day or two.

You think high-waist pants are always unflattering:

When worn correctly, they can trick the eye into thinking you’re taller and leaner by elongating your lower body. The most slimming item to choose are slightly high-rise slim-fitting jeans that hit your ankle, or simple high-black black trousers.

You think sequins can’t be worn during the day:

A modern trick to looking like the most effortlessly stylish girl on the street: Pair dressy bottoms like a beaded skirt, or sequin pants) with casual staples like a white shirt, a gray crew-neck sweatshirt, or a black blazer. Likewise, choose tops with sequin detailing, and pair them with boyfriend jeans.

You think denim on denim is a fashion don’t:

The trick is to pair pieces of varying washes together, such as a light denim shirt with dark denim jeans, or a dark denim jacket with a light-wash pair of boyfriend jeans.

You believe shorts have no place on the fall and winter:

There’s something incredibly cool and fuss-free about rocking a pair of shorts in the winter paired with opaque black tights and ankle booties. Stay away from shorts in summery fabrics like eyelet and cotton, but go ahead and rock shorts made from  leather, wool, jacquard, even denim cutoffs, which offer a nice change of pace from skirts when paired with boots, tights, and a chunky sweater come fall and winter.

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