Monday, January 12, 2015

Fashion Trends to look forward in 2015

Welcome 2015 with some all new fashion trends. Today we bring to you 8 biggest trends that will takeover in 2015. Follow along, some may surprise you – but remember you heard it first from us.

1. Get on the Tassels
While the last season was all about fringe, 2015 will see a lot of colorful tassels.

2. It’s Transparent
Spring is all about sheer, but this season we’ll see the oh so transparent skirts and shirts!

3. POLO Day
POLO t-shirts tucked inside pants and skirts will make a huge comeback in spring 2015. 

4. The Waist Flourish
Pants and skirts lending some extra drama and fabric on the waist area will be seen topping the trend charts this season.  Pair these with cropped tops or tank tops to make a statement

5. Suede Baby
We have been conditioned to believe that leather is now a staple of colder months, but designers are softening up a bit and using it for summer apparels.

6. Mismatched Earrings: Mismatched studs and drops are the coolest way to dress your lobes. Go on and take the challenge

7. Jeanius: Gone are the days when denim was only used for jeans and jackets. This season will see a growing trend of Denim dresses, jumpers and skirts.

8. Fresh Crop: Crop tops would still rule the fashion world but this time in  a less daunting form. Boxy crops(shown in the picture below) look more lady like than their skimpy counterparts

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